Pitt Faculty

Pitt Faculty General Information

The UPTC administers paper- and computer-based assessments, as well as make-up exams, in a supervised location on behalf of University faculty and staff.

Please note that all makeup exams for Finals Week will be administered on Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 18-19 (after Finals Week), not during Finals Week (Dec. 11-16).

Instructors can contact us at any time to discuss proctoring requirements. We also offer classroom exam scanning and scoring services, ensuring electronic delivery of results within 24 hours of drop-off.

General Information

Quick Facts
  • There are 42 testing stations in the UPTC (32 are computer-based).
  • Two individual rooms are available for private testing.
  • The entire testing area is under digital supervision. Footage is retained for 28 days in accordance with the University’s Policy on Video Surveillance.
  • All paper-based exams will be kept on site for 28 days, then stored for one year off-site. After one year, the exams are destroyed in accordance with the University’s General Records Retention Schedule.
  • Instructors can contact us at any time to inquire about registering a course for proctored examinations. Please note that several restrictions apply.
What are the rules and regulations in the Testing Center?
  • Students must provide a student/photo ID in order to take a test.
  • The following items are prohibited in the Testing Center: alcohol, controlled substances, firearms, knives/sharp objects.
  • Unless previously approved, restroom breaks are not permitted.
  • Once a testing session has started, students are NOT permitted to leave the Testing Center. If a student has to exit the Testing Center for any reason (including emergencies), the testing session is immediately over and you will be notified. Completion of the test is at your discretion.
  • Proctors are not permitted to answer questions about tests.
  • Interaction with other testers can result in dismissal.
  • All personal belongings are stored in a locker while testing. Please inform the UPTC of testing materials and parameters when you submit your exam. We cannot allow a student to use exam materials without written consent from you.
  • You will be immediately informed of a suspected academic integrity violation.
CourseWeb Exams
  • Exams delivered through CourseWeb are password protected and timed.
  • If your course and course exams have been approved for proctoring at the UPTC, please send us a copy of our test(s) with specific directions and parameters (duration of test, permitted materials like calculators or notes, etc.) to tests@pitt.edu.
  • Tests must be received at least two weeks before the examination date so that we can format the exam for your CourseWeb shell.
  • For more information on tests in CourseWeb/Blackboard, visit the Tests in Blackboard Knowledge Base.
What are the Testing Center hours?

Typical weekly hours for the Testing Center are as follows:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Wednesday 8:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Saturday Noon – 4 p.m.

Please note that we extend Finals Week hours during the fall and spring semesters.Please note that the Testing Center will NOT admit students 30 minutes before closing.

How are tests administered?

Tests can be administered as computer-based assessments or paper-based exams (using paper/pencil or scantron forms). University of Pittsburgh examinations are primarily administered through the CourseWeb/Blackboard Learning Management System, but can be delivered as paper-based assessments by request. For non-University of Pittsburgh students, we can administer web-based or paper-based examinations.

What happens during an evacuation?

In the event that an emergency results in the evacuation of the Cathedral of Learning, UPTC has outlined procedures that will ensure the safe and swift evacuation of the testing population in UPTC.

All exams will be immediately suspended. Testers will not be allowed to access the lockers.

Our meeting location is the front steps of the William Pitt Union. We will record the names of the students and notify you of the disruption.

Students will be within UPTC supervision the entire time.

Once we are allowed to reenter the building they will be allowed to resume their tests.

Instructors whose students were impacted will be notified.

Occasionally, time constraints will prevent students from completing the exam once the emergency situation is resolved.  In that case, UPTC will work with you to determine what course of action to take to allow the students to complete their tests.